Request for information(License Count query) regarding Arcot Users
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Request for information(License Count query) regarding Arcot Users


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort) CA Strong Authentication CA Risk Authentication CA Advanced Authentication


How to get the exact list of Arcot Users for the Licensing purposes. On what basis and which set of users will be considered for the licensing? 


Release : ALL

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)

RiskMinder(Arcot RiskFort)


CA Strong Authentication does not have Licensing capability inbuilt in the product. To get the number of licenses, run the query against the database and find out the required information.

We have to determine the number of users using the below approach.

The queries would normally be performed by the system database administrator using a client that allows for direct querying of the Advanced Authentication (Arcot) table space, executing the query at the table space level.

To determine number of users with records in the Advanced Authentication solution, run:

When the user base is in database (Oracle or SQL Server), run the following query:

select count(*) USERID from ARUDSUSER;

The above query reports on all users in the primary user table. To determine the number of users per organization container (ARUDSORGANIZATION ) as defined in AuthMinder amend the query to:

select count(*) USERID from ARUDSUSER where ORGNAME = ‘YourOrgNameHere’;

If the customer is using the LDAP org, retrieve the count of active uses based on the attribute mapping for User Status in AA.

Here is the brief information about the approach to get the active user count.

1. Get the information about the user status mapping attribute with LDAP. (eg : STATUS (Arcot-attribute) vs Attribute in LDAP)

    eg : STATUS <--> AccountStatus

2. Note that the STATUS=1 is considered to be an active user for AA transactions.

3. Connect to LDAP and get the list of users for whose AccountStatus=1 (Active) for the BaseDN configured for the LDAP Organization in AA.

4. The count of the user account status=1 is the Active User Count from LDAP.