INCORRECT START_RBA and PIT_RBA IN SYSIBM.SYSCOPY while running Db2 12 at Function Level V12R1M100
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INCORRECT START_RBA and PIT_RBA IN SYSIBM.SYSCOPY while running Db2 12 at Function Level V12R1M100


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In Db2 12 subsystems running at V12R1M100 (Function Level 100), Quick Copy registers Image Copies in catalog table SYSIBM.SYSCOPY using a 6-Byte START_RBA and PIT_RBA values instead of the expected 10-Byte values. This behavior does not occur when running under any other Function Level.

A similar problem is encountered when using products that use Quick Copy services to create and register Image Copies, namely Fast Recover, Fast Load, Rapid Reorg and Merge/Modify.

After migrating to V12R1M500 or higher, any new Copies are created correctly but problems could still occur if a Recovery or other process attempted to use any copies which had been created while running under V12R1M100 without the corrective fix applied.




Db2 for z/OS V12R1M100 only with any of the following releases of Quick Copy:

Release 20.0



Quick Copy for Db2 for z/OS

Quick Copy for Db2 for z/OS


Incorrect values in fields START_RBA and PIT_RBA of Db2 catalog table SYSIBM.SYSCOPY can prevent recovery products from identifying such copies as valid recoverable points. In some circumstances, such as when an Online LOAD or REORG had taken place, this could result in the object being unrecoverable.

Furthermore, products that rely on information from Db2 catalog SYSIBM.SYSCOPY, such as Log Analyzer and Merge/Modify, can also be impacted by not being able to recognize Image Copies with erroneous START_RBA and PIT_RBA values.


An example of the erroneous RBA symptom is shown below:

The START_RBA of an affected row will read:  X'xxxxxxxxxxxx40404040' 

The PIT_RBA of an affected row will read: X'00000000000040404040'


The following query will identify erroneous RBA values in Db2 catalog table SYSIBM.SYSCOPY






HEX(START_RBA) LIKE '%40404040' 

OR HEX(PIT_RBA)=X'00000000000040404040' 





 The following HIPER PTFs have been created to resolve this issue. 


Quick Copy in Release 20 - SO09595

The HIPER PTFs will ensure Quick Copy creates correctly formed START_RBA and PIT_RBA values for all future Image Copies.

If any objects are found which contain invalid entries for SYSIBM.SYSCOPY using the above SQL , we recommend that a Full Image Copy is taken immediately using either the IBM Copy Utility or CA Quick Copy ensuring the applicable PTF number described above is applied. After ensuring object recoverability and to mitigate the effect from any entries in SYSIBM.SYSCOPY which contain  erroneous START_RBA and PIT_RBA settings, please contact Broadcom support.

Additional Information

A KB Article id of the PFL and PRR related issue: 135897