Proposed ETC from Timesheets is not Retained After Saving a Project from MSP
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Proposed ETC from Timesheets is not Retained After Saving a Project from MSP


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When using the Microsoft Project Legacy driver, the proposed ETC changes from timesheets is not retained if the project is locked in Clarity for editing in MSP. When a Project Manager saves changes back to Clarity from MSP, Proposed ETC is removed from the timesheet, assignment, and Pending Estimates Review portlet. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create a project and staff a resource to the team 

2. Create a task and assign the resource 

3. Add this task to the resource's timesheet

4. Export the project to Microsoft Project (Read-Write)

5. While the project is locked, edit the ETC on the Timesheet to force an update to the Proposed ETC on the task assignment

6. Save the project back to Clarity from MSP

Expected Results: The Proposed ETC from Step5 to be retained

Actual Results: The Proposed ETC is blanked out


Release : 15.5.1



This is working as designed. When using the Legacy driver, there is an out of the box bidirectional mapping between the Proposed ETC in Clarity and the Number 1 field in MSP. This mapping cannot be removed or overridden. 

In this example, the (blank) amount that the Proposed ETC was exported as on Step 4 is the same amount that is going to be saved back on Step 6 (overwriting the Proposed ETC that was entered in the in between Step 5).  

This issue does not occur when using the New driver, as the New Driver does not include this same out of the box mapping. The only way it would occur is if a bidirectional mapping was manually created for the New driver to behave in this way.