SOI - UIM Connector in initializing state
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SOI - UIM Connector in initializing state


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Installed SOI UIM connector and it keeps "connector is loading" state.
UIM database is Mysql.


Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager.
UIM connector 3.9.1


Mysql connector JAR is not included in SOI UIM connector package.


Downloaded Mysql JAR connector from internet, placed it on connector/lib folder, restarted the catalyst container and it is solved.

Additional Information

This is doc page which also mentions the same.,Upgrade,UninstallCAUIMConnector-InstalltheCAUIMConnector
When you select MySql as database type, DB Connection Failure error appears. Ignore the error and click Continue Anyway to proceed with the installation. This error appears because MySql connector jar is not part of UIM connector installer. As a post-installation step, download MySql 5.6 Connector JAR from the Internet, place the jar in CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\container\lib folder on Catalyst Container machine and start Catalyst Container service.