CA View - Report in View Shows Wrong Report Name
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CA View - Report in View Shows Wrong Report Name


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The client expected to see a certain report name, assigned to a report passed to CA View, but they see the report under another name. 


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Component : CA View


Resolution 1: Client was entering the JOBNAME in the Sysout ID= field on the primary selection screen. 

When he entered the REPORT NAME, he could see the "PRE AND PAST DATED CHECKS" report. 

Resolution 2: On the Report Definition Attributes screen for this report, client had "Arch ID=" coded as PRE AND PAST DATED CHECKS. 

When a value is specified for Arch ID, the value OVERRIDES the value specified in the Report ID field on the Reports for Job screen, when the report is sent to View. 

So, if you want to have the report sent to view with the Report ID of "IDQ0010T-R01", you would need to REMOVE the value that you have specified in the Arch ID field. 

 * Please NOTE * If you remove the value specified the Arch ID field, the report will be sent to View under a different report name. 

 So, you "may" have some ERO table considerations to take into account, depending on WHICH report name (PRE AND PAST DATED CHECKS or IDQ0010T-R01) is represented in the ERO table.