Choosing the acid for ownership to define a resource to Top Secret
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Choosing the acid for ownership to define a resource to Top Secret


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How to choose the acid for ownership to define a new resource to Top Secret.


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Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


To 'own' a resource or define a resource to Top Secret, you would use the following syntax: 

TSS ADD(owningacid) resourceclass(resourcename) 

Example: TSS ADD(owningacid) IBMFAC(IRR.)

The owningacid is an acid that a site/security administrator creates to take ownership of resources. 

Generally these acid or acids are created when Top Secret is installed and configure.

Any resource that you want protected will be owned by these acids. These acids can be called anything. The administrator decides what to call the acids. Once the acids are established, you assign the resources you want protected to them. 


                  TSS ADD(DSN) DATASET(TEST.) 

                  TSS ADD(TRANS) OTRAN(PAY) 

In the above example, the administrator who setup Top Secret chose to create owning acids called PGM, DSN and TRANS. The administrator decided acid PGM is used to own programs. 

Acid DSN is used to own dataset. Acid TRANS is used to own CICS Transaction. You dont have to have multiple owner acids. You can have one owner acid, but this is uncommon. Most sites create owning acid by function like the previous example. 

There really isnt a command to show you a list of ALL owning acids. Issuing a TSS WHOOWNS for some resources, will give you an idea of some of your owning acids. Example: TSS WHOOWNS PROGRAM(*) 

                 TSS WHOOWNS DSN(*) 

                 TSS WHOOWNS IBMFAC(*) 

                 TSS WHOOWNS OTRAN(*) 

I would choose one of those owning acids. Issue a TSS LIST on those acids. Maybe the one who created them put something descriptive in the NAME field as to the purpose of the acid. 

If you want to create a new acid to be an owner acid, you can issue the following command. 

Example:  TSS CREATE(RESOWN) NAME('Owning acid for resource') DEPT(departmentname) TYPE(DEPT)