HIDRO Insufficient Storage Error during DUP
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HIDRO Insufficient Storage Error during DUP


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VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


We are trying to DUP 1668 DASD volumes that each have an average size of 27500 cylinders.  When task 1250 we encounter the "Insufficient storage available to satisfy free storage request from 0105C252 " error message.  It appears that even though we are running in a 64 GB virtual machine and specifying VMCORE MAX only 2 GB of virtual storage is being allocated by HIDRO to run our 32 simultaneous DUP tasks. 

Is it possible for HIDRO to use the amount of virtual storage specified in the user directory for the user invoking HIDRO? 


Release : 2.8

Component : CA VM:Backup HiDRO


CMS (not HiDRO) has indeed run out of storage for its use. 

The failure is occurring every time in the same place trying to set an I/O interrupt handler(s) to initiate task 1281. 

The job is failing with an EC 125 ABEND. 

Your options on the HIDRO command specify VMCORE MAX telling HiDRO not to "give" any storage back to CMS other than the default internal amount HiDRO knows to reserve: SYBVMT101P MEMORY: VMCORE=2069536K MODULE=456K AVAIL=2069080K FREE=300K

Most of these memory options were set up back in the days of an 8M or (BIG) 16M virtual machine and you needed/wanted to give HiDRO as much of the virtual storage as possible. 

Try changing the VMCORE on HIDRO command to: 'HIDRO CONCL * USERC * OPCORE 16M VMCORE MAX-8M SYSP (TERM SYSF CVT2 LOG A' So that will give you .. FREE=8192K ...