Creating Uncataloged Data Set Report
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Creating Uncataloged Data Set Report


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


I am using CA Vantage to view "Uncataloged Data Sets/Volume Mismatch" (DSNUCTL) to create a report with uncatalog datasets. 

I am in doubt if this report is checking all of the systems of my sysplex or if it is just checking the system where I have the Vantage task. 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The Uncataloged Data Sets Object (DSNUCTL) is created at the interval specified in 

system script DSNUCTL. Each entry in the DTOC is checked against the system catalog.

If a catalog entry does not exist, or indicates a volume different from

the DTOC entry, then an entry is placed in this object.

Entries in the INCLEXCL member in Parmlib can affect this object.


The DTOC collection will be from every volume that your Vantage system can "see".

The Parmlib member INCLEXCL can tell Vantage which volumes (or data sets) to NOT scan 

for the DTOC collection, or to not process in the DSNUCTL audit. So, check this closely 


The INCLEXCL entries to be aware of for DSNUCTL are under these headings:

START-DSNUCTL-DSN    Audit of Uncataloged Data Set 

START-DSNUCTL-VOL    Audit of Uncataloged Data Set 

START-DTOCDEXC-DSN   DTOC Data Sets                

START-DTOCVEXC-VOL   DTOC Volumes                  

START-DTOCPEXC-POOL  DTOC Pools                    

START-EXCLUDE-VOL    EXCLUDE Member                


If there are any "EXCL" entries under any of these headings, then those items will not be checked.

You can update the Include-Exclude Functions with the Host Configuration Client.