Implement JES2EDS
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Implement JES2EDS


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Top Secret


Are there sample CA-Top Secret commands that would implement the new JES2EDS address space and feature?


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Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The following RACF to Top Secret command conversion is for JES2EDS: RACDCERT ID(JES2USER) ADDRING(JES2EDS) TSS CRE(JES2USER) TYPE(USER) NAME(‘JES2USER USR') FAC(STC)DEPT(xxxx) - PASS(JES2USER,0) TSS ADD(JES2USER) DFLTGRP(OMVSGRP) UID(xxxx) HOME(/var/zosmf/data/home/JES2USER) OMVSPGM(/bin/sh) GROUP(OMVSGRP) TSS ADD(STC) PROCN(ICHRIN03) ACID(JES2USER) TSS GENCERT(JES-regional acid) DIGICERT(JES2EDS) SUBJECTN('cn="JES2 Subsystem CA" ou="it security" o="aafes" l="dallas" st="New York" c="us"’) LABELCERT('JES2-CA') NADATE(05/31/2027) TSS GENCERT(CERTSITE) DIGICERT(JES2EDS) SUBJECTN('cn="JES2 CLient" ou="JES2 Client Unit" o=" JES2 Client Org" l="Poughkeepsie" st="New York" c="us"’) SIGNWITH(certauth,xxxx) NADATE(05/31/27) RACDCERT ID(IZUSVR) CONNECT(CERTAUTH LABEL(’JES2_CA’) RING(IZUKeyring.IZUDFLT))

TSS ADD(IZUSVR) KEYRING(IZUring) LABLRING(IZUKeyring.IZUDFLT) RINGDATA(CERTAUTH,XXXX) USAGE(CERTAUTH) In addition, Top Secret r16 fix SO06741 should be applied. This fix provides support for the GetRingInfo function of the R_datalib callable service.