Suggestion for list queue offload using CA-Epic.
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Suggestion for list queue offload using CA-Epic.


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EPIC Fastcat VSE EPIC for z/VSE


Suggestion for list queue offload using CA-Epic.  

Currently using MACRO4 utility.

Trying to replace  this jcl with whatever you suggest.

* ***************************           
* M4VAARC SP010 ARCHIVE                 
* ***************************           
// EXEC PROC=M4PASOP                    
// EXEC M4VAARC,SIZE=AUTO               


It is currently being done using a CA-Epic tape.         


Release : 5.2

Component : CA EPIC for z/VSE


POFFLOAD support was added to EPIC in PTF RO40338 and pre-req PTF RO34713 so first make sure you have both applied.

Documentation updates are included in informational solutions RI40340 and RI40341, updates to the CA EPIC for z/VSE 5.2 User Guide and Installation and System Guide. 

POFFLOAD support requires you use IBM's power offload which can then control the tapes used by EPIC.

Archiving would be something RAPS could be also used for , the CAPRARCH utilitiy. 

Additional Information

Here's the link to the documentation for EPIC where you'll find the User Guide along with the Installation and System Guide

and other books:

And, here's the link to the documentation for CA Raps located at under Bookshelves and PDFs:

Administrator Guide

Installation Guide

Message Guide

Systems Programmer Guide

User Guide