Does the Excel Add-on work for On-Premise?
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Does the Excel Add-on work for On-Premise?


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Does the Excel add-on work for On-premise customers?




The legacy Excel add-on may be used with customers who have on-premise version 2018 or below.  Please note that there are several pre-requisites for the legacy version which may restict the customers ability to use the legacy version.  The following link is the instructions for that version which is compatible and supported with Excel or MS Office 2013 or lower. 


The new BETA Add-on was created using a more recent version of Rally and will work with on-premise version 2.0 and higher.  This addon is compatible and supported for Excel version 2016 or 365.  The instructions for installation of this version are found here; 



Additional Information



On-Premise customers can install the BETA version of the Excel add-on. 


This BETA version is supported with On-premise version 2.0 or higher.  Customers will need to edit line number 25 of the manifest.xml file and substitute the fully qualified domain name or IP address of their Rally server for '’.  The download version of the manifest.xml is meant to be used for SaaS customers and thus points to the SaaS location of Rally.  


It reads as follows;

 <SourceLocation DefaultValue="" />

On-premise customers will edit the line to look something like the following example;

 <SourceLocation DefaultValue="https://<YOUR_HOST_NAME_OR_IP>/slm/js-lib/excel-addin/index.html" />