TMSAUDIT more infos about AUDIT file
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TMSAUDIT more infos about AUDIT file


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It is normal that we get always the NS-80 messages on the TMSAUDIT report in-spite that the error messages have been corrected in the TMC file ?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


The audit file is a wrap around file and the information will be kept in until it wraps around and writes over it.

Wrap around file - meaning it just keeps writing and writing ... There are date pointers in the AUDIT file that tells the TMSCOPY where to start backup up from since the last backup.

This date also keeps track in case the file wraps around and is almost out of space since the last backup and issues a msg audit file is full run TMSCOPY.
Have the error message recorded in the AUDIT, doesn't prevent the CA 1 process to work correctly. 

This is normal - in the AUDIT file we have the historic of the activity tapes.