Remove '"Action Item Assigned To You. Action Item" from Clarity PPM system emails
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Remove '"Action Item Assigned To You. Action Item" from Clarity PPM system emails


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Our users are receiving emails with the subject line "Action Item Assigned to you. Action Item: .." This subject line is causing a lot of confusion because some emails are just notifications and not action items. Is there a way to remove '"Action Item Assigned To You" in the action item email notifications subject line/description?




This can be done by a Clarity PPM Administration by editing the related notifications in Administration->Data Administration->Notifications. Below are the steps to make the changes in the above scenario:

1. In Clarity PPM, go to Administration->Data Administration->Notifications

2. In the Notification Name section, enter *Action Item - New* and click Filter

3. Click on the first notification that appears: "Action Item - New non-recurring, non-project action item"

4. Edit the notification to add/remove text as desired. In the above scenario, delete 'Action item assigned to you: ' in the Notification Subject and 'This action item has been assigned to you:' in the Notification Body.

5. Click Save and Return

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the remaining Action Item - New notifications: Action Item - New non-recurring, project action item and Action Item - New recurring project action item


  • You can use the Preview button to see how the notification will appear with the changes made
  • Click the Binocular button in the Notification Subject or Notification Body to add additional Attribute Variables to your notification.