Validation Rule For a Single Attribute
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Validation Rule For a Single Attribute


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We have a use case in which certain attributes on a screen should only be visible when a user clicks a checkbox. To implement this we are using validation javascript on the checkbox attribute. However by clicking 'validate on change', the entire screen is being validated prematurely, which is causing some other validation rules to kick off early. 

Is there any way to run javascript for a single attribute when it is changed?





Yes, the expected behavior for "ValidateOn Change" is that if it is enabled for a field, and that field value changes, all fields on the tab that are associated with validation rules are validated.

Such validation can't be limited to only one field.


Testing confirms that moving the validation to the profile screen level rather than the field level, using Initialization JavaScript rather than Validation JavaScript, etc., but without Validate On Change selected, the field was only shown/hidden if changed tabs and went back then to the original tab (thus triggering validation).