CA View - Creating Database Extents Using Mod54 DASD
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CA View - Creating Database Extents Using Mod54 DASD


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Is there any restriction size of defining a View database extent using the full size of a Mod54, including the SARXTD task for security.  


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The maximum size of a CA View or CA Deliver database extent is 32760 cylinders . 

The capacity of a Mod27 is 32760 cylinders. A Mod54 is twice that, at 65520.

An extent of 4369 cylinders (65535/15) or less is considered to be a dataset, whereas an extent larger than 4369 cylinders is an extended dataset. Allocating to a Mod54 would be the same as an allocation to a Mod27.

In SARXTD dataset security, all database extents (regardless of size) are considered.

Many View clients have successfully created, secured, and used database extents on a Mod54 volume.