CA VIEW - SARSTC Taking a Long Time to Capture Sysouts
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CA VIEW - SARSTC Taking a Long Time to Capture Sysouts


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The client finds that, while a View backup is running, that it is taking a long time to collect sysouts from the spool. 

There are 1000 sysouts waiting in the spool, half-way through the running of a View standard backup. 

Would this be a good reason for the use of a FSS collector?  Is there a better time to run it than another?


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Component : CA View


The View SARSTC task performs both report collection and runs backups. 

When a View backup runs, 80% of the resources go to the backup, and only 20% of the resources go to report collection. 

If there is an overload of reports being collected while the backup runs, collection being slow during the backup could happen. 

Resultingly, the backup could possibly take more time as well. 

The SARFSS tasks only do report collection, as each task provides an additional thread for collection. 

A SARFSS task should be able to run all the time. 

There may want to be consideration for moving the View backup time to another time, when there is not as much report activity.