TLMS / OAM Sync in TLMS 14.0
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TLMS / OAM Sync in TLMS 14.0


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TLMS Tape Management


What needs to be done in TLMS 14.0 to keep TLMS and OAM in-sync.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


New Features

TLMS ROBSCR Support for the IBM VTS

Use the ROBSCR option in TLMSIPO of hlq.CTAPOPTN to indicate that the robotic (virtual) tape system should be notified when a tape volume has gone scratch. Which robotic or virtual tape system to notify is based on the &ATLTYP field in the VMF.


If the ROBSCR option is set to YES, and the &ATLTYP field in the VMF record for the scratched volume is not x'00', then OAM is called when that specific volume is scratched. This feature removes the need for the scratch exit TLMSRACF. 


ROBSCR System Option – Robot Scratch Processing


In TLMS 14.0, the ATLTYP field must be non-blank in the VMF to be processed. You can use CATINQR with the update range to add the ATLTYP value.


This system option has the following format:




NO specifies that the robot should not be notified of a scratch. YES indicates that the robot should be notified of a scratch.


Default: NO


Example: ROBSCR System Option