Quickfetch interfering with BMC discovery product
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Quickfetch interfering with BMC discovery product


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The dump shows that a SVC 122 being used for a directed load returned the module address as expected but returned the module length as zero. This is unusual behavior for IBM. SYSTRACE shows you have other products that were involved in the loading of the program.

IBM tracks directed loads in a control block in storage above the bar. The AIRMDLD for the MVCAS shows that BBM9LKLB was loaded at 7F68F208 and the last byte of the load is at 7F68F3B7.

However, the AIRMDLD for MVADDM shows that BBM9LKLB was loaded starting at location 00000000_00000000 and the last byte is at FFFFFFFF_FFFFFFFF. Clearly the module does not consume all of addressable storage. We have to assume that AIRMDLD was passed incorrect information (that was eventually passed to us).


Quick Fetch is bypassing the load of the program but providing bad information back to AIRMDLD as well as SVC 122.


Release : 2.6

Component : CA-Quick-Fetch for OS/390


Adding a //BYPASSQF DD DUMMY to the MVADDM STC JCL will circumvent the problem. Currently, there is no PTF available. This is a product incompatibility at this time. Best to avoid the processing of the product.

Additional Information


Documented int the QuickFetch System programmer Guide page 5-10 titled Selective Processing