What is CA IDMS subschema IDMSCATY? is it the equivalent of IDMSNWKA for an SQL catalog?
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What is CA IDMS subschema IDMSCATY? is it the equivalent of IDMSNWKA for an SQL catalog?


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Clients may see subschema IDSMCATY in various messages or log and journal entries, even though they did not code that name explicitly.


Release : All supported releases of CA IDMS

Component : CA SQLOPT


IDMSCATY is not a subschema that can be specified in any code or statements. However, subschema IDMSCATY may appear in a message or journal / log entry, This indicates that a run-unit has executed which contains SQL. Whenever an Access Module is created, either explicitly by a client or dynamically when SQL is passed from OCF/BCF or a PC application via server etc, there is a "pseudo subschema" used by that request which contains all of the relevant definitions for the areas, tables and constraints accessed by the SQL statements. The name that we assign to this pseudo-subschema is IDMSCATY. So if a program or dialog issues SQL to access any database, IDMSCATY is the SS name that will appear in any related messages.


    If there is a need for a subschema to use to access the catalog structure, similar to the way IDMSNWKA can be used to access the dictionary structure, then the best guideline to follow is this note from the CA IDMS documentation about how to UNLOAD/RELOAD the catalog areas: 


"The DDLCAT and DDLCATX areas should be unloaded and reloaded using the IDMSCATZ subschema.

The DDLCATLOD area should be unloaded and reloaded using the IDMSCATL subschema. Before reloading the DDLCATLOD area in a segment defined for SQL, you must install stamps either by formatting by area or using the INSTALL STAMPS utility."


Additional Information

Instructions for  the subschemas to use in Unload/Reload are found here: