Probe sdgtw, acknowledge_alarm_when_incident_resolved_by_any_user doesn't work
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Probe sdgtw, acknowledge_alarm_when_incident_resolved_by_any_user doesn't work


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Configured sdgtw probe in an environment for CA SDM integration, enabled  'acknowledge_alarm_when_incident_resolved_by_any_user' to ACK alarms when tickets are resolved, but verified that this functionality is not working.


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - SDGTW

Probe sdgtw 2.10

CA SDM 14.1


Wrong configuration under sdgtw probe 


Probe was not configured correctly because has the following 2 key values in the setup section set to the same value: 

only_incident_number_in_alarm_field = custom_1

incidentid_field = custom_1

This is not supported.

When a ticket is created in the service desk application, the sdgtw probe puts a string similar to the following in the UIM alarm custom field configured in the incidetnid_field key: 

<ServiceDesk connetion>$<ServiceDesk system id>$<alarm severity>$<incident number>

For example:


If you configure the the only_incident_number_in_alarm_field you have to use a different (unused) UIM alarm custom field - this is specified on the sdgtw docops page. 

If you want to see just the ServiceDesk incident number in one of the UIM alarm custom fields, then you have to configure a different  custom field for the only_incident_number_in_alarm_field key. 

Secondly, for UIM 8.51 make sure the nas_api_service package has been deployed to the primary hub.

These package install a service in the trellis probe and it looks like the sdgtw probe uses this dispatcher service associated with these packages instead of the dispatcher service found in the ems probe. If the UIM version specific package is already installed in the  trellis probe on the primary hub, then try the following: 

1. Delete the trellis probe from the primary hub

2. Delete the trellis probe directory and its contents

3. Deploy the trellis probe

4. Deploy the nas_api_service (for 8.51)

5. Cold start (deactivate then activate) the trellis probe then the sdgtw probe