MUX Tasks and Staff view sharing behavior
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MUX Tasks and Staff view sharing behavior


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There are views that have been saved in the New User Experience (UX/MUX) that are not showing under the 'CREATED BY OTHERS' section for other users. Is this an access right issue or is there another reason for this? 


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15.9.3 and higher

Starting in 15.9.3, note the following change referenced in the 15.9.3 Release notes at: Enhanced Saved Views in Clarity

The Save Views functionality in Clarity has been enhanced. In previous versions, when you saved a view, it was available to other users. You can now create a saved view that will only be available to you. You can use the Shared check box to share it with other users. You can also clear this check box to make this view private again. The Saved Views also display the date on which they were last modified.

See the link above for more details.

15.7.1 - 15.9.2

As long as you have access to the module where the view was saved, you will see the views created by all other users. However, you will have to completely log out of Clarity, and log back in before the view appears under the 'CREATED BY OTHERS' section on your view list.  

The views saved by one user on a given project are shared across projects and users.

Pre 15.7.1

The views on specific project instances are project/user-specific. This means that a saved view (such as on the Staff or Task modules) will only be available for the project that it was saved for.


  • User A saves a task view in Project X. The view is only visible on that project. For User A, the view would show under the 'CREATED BY ME' section.
  • Another User accessing the same Project X - 'Task' module would see the view under the 'CREATED BY OTHERS'

Additional Information

See also: MUX views / flyouts - master KB of known issues