Best practices when configuring the Spectrum gateway probe for UIM
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Best practices when configuring the Spectrum gateway probe for UIM


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Here are some best practice items to consider when configuring the Spectrum Gateway Probe


1.  Make sure the gateway probe and all reliant probes are current for the version of Spectrum you are running.  You can cross check Spectrum 10.3.x versions here :


2.  The Spectrumgtw Probe's Host Synchronization in versions 8.67, 8.68, 8.69+ will filter out Hosts that are VMware virtual machines. This
        functionality was implemented to prevent the same hosts from being synchronized via the Host Sync and the VMware Sync.

     If the VMware Synchronization is not being used the Spectrumgtw's configuration can be changed to have it synchronize Hosts that
        are VMware Virtual Machines

    Using Raw Configuration
        ~~> setup ~~> HostServerConfiguration



   Change FilterVMwareEntities to 'false'
   Change IncludeVM  to 'true'

When the probe restarts and performs the Host Synchronization it should now synchronize VMware Virtual Machines also having the Host role.

Note: If the VMware Synchronization is enabled the filter should not be disabled as the models will sync from that synchronization

For troubleshooting purposes, the probe filters based upon the UIM property 'VirtualizationEnvironment' with a value of "VMware"


3.  The Spectrum Gateway Probe has a configuration for a Global Collection. This option is intended to Synchronize Spectrum models back to UIM. For example, you can synchronize

        Switches and Routers modeled within spectrum back to UIM and then import those models to the SnmpCollector for polling.


Note:  If you do not want Spectrum to synchronize back to UIM, then set this to an Empty Global Collection.

Note: This global Collection should also Not contain UIM models that were synchronized to Spectrum as it can cause the SpectroSERVER to consume large amounts of cpu.


4.  If you have a very large VM environment double the timeouts in the Spectrum Gateway Probe.


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Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


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Spectrum Gateway Documentation is located here: