OPS/MVS System Shutdown - AXR04 - System Rexx task
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OPS/MVS System Shutdown - AXR04 - System Rexx task


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


A couple of our LPARS, on the last time they shutdown, were hanging on AXR04 (IBM SYSTEM REXX) still running.

For out system shutdown, the LAST thing OPS/MVS does is $PJES2.  Then when JES2 is down, it issues a P OPSS to shut itself down.  JES2 has not been able to come down because AXR04 is running.  We have to issue a C AXR04  to allow JES2 to complete it's shutdown.

To prevent the delay of JES2 shutting down at system shutdown, Immediately after issuing $PJES2, we want to issue a C AXR04, in case it is hung.   Does OPS/MVS need AXR04 for REXX processing?  (I dont think you use it, since you have OPS/REXX.)    Just wanted to make sure you did not see this as an issue for OPS/MVS.   



Release : 13.0

Component : OPS/MVS


Unexpected behavior observed during system shutdown


OPS/MVS does not require AXR0#, nor any system REXX, for processing.   Feel free to issue C AXR0# for the appropriate AXR task during JES shutdown