Jaspersoft migration showing
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Jaspersoft migration showing


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We have spectrum 10.3.1 & Jasper 6.4.3 running our production environment. We migrated SRM & Jaspersoft application to new datacenter. We were able to export all the configurations from old jaspersoft server to new migrated server successfully. However, we are getting an error when accessing some of the scheduled reports as they have some entries related to old SRM server hostname.


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Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Jasper Domain is still configured for the old OneClick server.


This is due to the domain URL being configured for the old OneClick server. If you open Jasper and go to View--Repository. On the left open: root - Public - ca - Spectrum - datasources

Right click the spectrum_domain_ds and select Edit. The domain URL is the old OneClick host. Reconfigure this to the new OneClick host and save it.  

Do the same for the domain_ds repository.