Procedure to start SOI Manager & Connector Services
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Procedure to start SOI Manager & Connector Services


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Procedure to start / restart SOI Manager, UI & Connector Services


Release: SOI 4.x


Component: Service Operations Insight


Here is the procedure to start SOI Manager, UI & Connector services in an order


1) Stop all connector services on each connector

   Note: The Service Name is 'CA Catalyst Container Service' for Catalyst connectors like UIM

             For IFW Connectors like Spectrum, 'CA SAM\SOI Integration & Event Management' services


2) Stop UI Services (CA SOI User Interface & Store Indexer) on all UI servers


3) Stop Manager services (soitoolbox.exe --stopAllServices)

Note: Make sure all java.exe processes are closed in the Task manager


4) Clear or Move following logs on the Manager & UI servers.

-- \SOI\jsw\logs

-- \SOI\jsw\bin\*.hprof (if exists)

-- \SOI\tomcat\logs\*.*

-- \SOI\tomcat\temp\*.*

-- SOI\tomcat\webapps\activemq-web\activemq-data\*.*   - For SOI 4.0

-- \SOI\apache-activemq\data\kahadb\*.*                               - For SOI 4.2

-- \SOI\SamUI\logs\*.*

-- \SOI\SamUI\temp\*.*


5) Start only following services on the manager

-- CA SOI MQ Server

-- CA SOI WSO2 Carbon

-- CA SOI Application Server


6) The above services start up the manager, this may take few minutes. Open SOI Manager Debug Page and Check 'Triage Tests'

http://<SOI Manager Host>:7090/sam/debug

-- Wait until Triage Tests shows, Manager Initialization Completed


7) Check 'Queue Monitor' page on the manager debug page, initially few Job queues sizes may be higher, wait until all job queue sizes become normal


8) Once all Job queues are normal, start 'CA SOI | SAM Integration, Event Management & remaining' services on the Manager

-- CA SOI UCF Broker

-- CA SOI Event Management

-- CA SOI Integration Services


9) With above step, Queue Monitor sizes may increase as IFW start processing existing alerts. Wait until all Job queues become normal


10) Once all Job queues are normal, you may start UI services (CA SOI User Interface & CA SOI Store Indexer)


11) Start your first connector services (UIM or Spectrum or MS SCOM etc)


12) Once a connector starts publishing data to ActiveMQ, job queue sizes may increase. So, wait until all job queues become normal


13) Once all Job queues are normal, start your second connector as above and then next connector.


Note: Please do not start all connectors at a time, which may cause backing up jobs in their respective queues.

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