Gen toolset does not open at startup and crashes
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Gen toolset does not open at startup and crashes


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


When attempting to start the Toolset (using the usual Toolset.bat under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\CA\Gen 8.6) the product crashes and no message is received.
The Windows Event Viewer section 'Windows Logs > Applications' shows the crash for TOOLSET.EXE.


Component: CA Gen Workstation Toolset


1.  Attempt to start the Toolset.bat file by right-clicking and 'Run as administrator'  to start the product.  This would indicate a permissions/authority issue. 

2.  Consider an uninstall and then re-install the Toolset from scratch, then applying the the appropriate Gen PTFs.

Note regarding the 'Repair' option as a solution:  

If currently installed the 'base' install (GA version) of Gen 8.6 only, try to perform a 'Repair' of the Toolset using one of these steps:
EITHER: Under 'Control Panel/Programs and Features' right click on "CA Gen 8.6' and select 'Repair'.
OR: Run the installer setup.exe and select 'Repair'.  This is an attempt to resolve any corruption or registry issues. 

The repair option should ONLY be used after a base (GA) install and NOT after PTFs have been installed.  Reference the Gen 8.6 Technical Documentation: 
Perform a Maintenance Installation
See section:  "Perform a Maintenance Installation"

Scenarios reported to Gen Support have found that either option 1 or 2 has resolved the problem.

Additional Information

1. For Gen 8.6, if Internet Explorer (IE) has been uninstalled there is a known problem with the Toolset crashing/abending which is resolved by post-WKS86300 PTF TSN86301/LU06579.
Also see the page: Gen 8.6 Solutions & Patches

2. If the problem persists capture the full TOOLSET.EXE error/stack trace details from the Windows Event Viewer section 'Windows Logs > Applications' and open a case using the Broadcom Support Portal.