netapp_ontapi probe is not allowing new netapps to be added
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netapp_ontapi probe is not allowing new netapps to be added


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe


When attempting to add a new netapp resource to the netapp_ontap probe the following error is raised when the configuration change is saved:

Message: Remote Request Error: Remote /CORP-UIM/uimcp004siteHUB/uimcp005/netapp_ontap probes processing of operation set_ctd_configuration failed

Resolution: Please check both the PPM and remote probe log file for additional details.

Error Code: PPM-012


Release : 9.1.0

Component : UIM - NETAPP_ONTAP v1.21


Corrupted profiles in the netapp_ontap.cfg file result in the PPM-012 error when new profiles are added and the configuration change is Saved.

Entries similar to the following were causing the error:


      msg = ResourceCritical

      interval = 900sec

      id =

      active = true

      name = prod-netapp-01


         ssl = false

         host =

         user = nimuser

         port = 80

         pass = SsEOD38UF1fz1VNLWgcvGw==



The resource tag (<> in this example) should also be the same for the id, name, and properties->host keys in the resource profile.  All will either be an IP address or a device name depending on what was used to create the resource profile.

If the netapp_ontap.cfg file is manually modified this can corrupt the profile and cause this problem.


Delete the corrupted profiles, then add them back in.  Save the changes.

The profile name, and the name, id, and hostname keys in each profile should all use the same name (either all contain the IP address or all contain the netapp storage device name).