When does RC Merger generate a CHECK utility call?
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When does RC Merger generate a CHECK utility call?


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Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Administration Suite


Analysis of a  Merger Strategy doing a COPY is generating; .CALL UTIL CHECK. 

The analysis option 'Check Data' is N.  Why is this call being generated?  


All Releases: 19.0 20.0 (currently supported)

Component : RC/Merger Component of CA RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS



A Call to the Check utility is generated in Merger under these conditions:

> The ENFORCED column (from SYSRELS) is set to ‘Y’ then columns CREATOR, TBNAME and DELETERULE are checked. If there is a difference in any of these between the Source and Target, the Check Utility is generated. > The COLSEQ value (from SYSFOREIGNKEYS) is different between the Source and Target.

> The Analysis option Check Data ONLY pertains to tables loaded with ENFORCE NO.

Field : CHECK DATA Description: Indicate whether you want to run the CHECK utility for any tables loaded with ENFORCE=NO. This includes all foreign key alters. This field is ignored for REBIND Only and DDL Only analyses. Values : Y Yes - Run the CHECK utility. N No - Do not run CHECK utility. With this option, tables with referential integrity might be placed in a CHECK PENDING status.