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TDM PORTAL is not starting up after changing LDAP information


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I have restarted the services and also the server, still the TDM server is not opening up in web browser. 
The only thing that changed was the password to the LDAP Authentication UserID and Password.

We have started facing a weird issue with LDAP.
SometimeS LDAP authentication starts failing for all the TDM users.
As a remedy, I follow the below steps: 

  1. Login as administrator -> 
  2. Go to configuration -> 
  3. Authentication -> 
  4. Click on Test for LDAP Authentication. 
  5. Once Test Passed, all LDAP authentication gets restored. 

But Today, I have faced the next level of LDAP error in 'TDMService.log'.
When I tried to login as 'Administrator' on portal, Authentication passed but home page of portal was not loading at all.
Not even the ide menu was coming. 


TDM Portal
Test data manaber


User Error due to not following the proper sequence to change and authentication password for LDAP verification.


To Remedy this, 

  1. Through a database Manager program, find the TDM repo. 
  2. Change authentication to 'Native TDM' in 'dbo.gtrep_system_settings' table. 
  3. Then restarted the portal. 
  4. Once the Portal Service is up done, login to TDM as administrator
  5. Re-enabled LDAP authentication to restore ldap authentication.
  6. Test that it works.
  7. log out and log back in with your LDAP UserID and Password.