SS cpu performance problems due to extended fault isolation code
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SS cpu performance problems due to extended fault isolation code


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CA Spectrum


Excessive cpu is being consumed by the SpectroSERVER.  To see if this problem is affecting your SS, run a moot threading dump:

1.  Navigate to the VNM model

2.  In the Component Detail - Dynamic Debugging

3.  Moot Threading Dump - Change "Ready" to "Dump Now"

4.  Review the $SPECROOT/SS/.moot.trace file and search for "Trace Dumped" - find the current time.

5. Scroll down and see if there are many threads like the following:

Thread@0x7f5cd5fe05d0,pri=70,WAITING,DYNAMIC,name=Extended Fault Domain Thread,Depth=2804 of 65536, 4.27856% Thread::schedule() [/opt/SPECTRUM/lib/] Thread::wait(unsigned int) [/opt/SPECTRUM/lib/] Thread::receive_message() [/opt/SPECTRUM/lib/] IHExtendedFaultDomainManager::monitor_fault_domain() [/opt/SPECTRUM/lib/../SS/] moot_thread_start [/opt/SPECTRUM/lib/]

You could also search the file to see if there are over 100 threads for "Extended Fault Domain Thread"


Release :

Component : Spectrum Alarm & Event Management


A code flaw with the way the threads were being allocated for Fault Isolation


This is resolved in 10.3.2 and above, and also in the following Bi Montly Patches (BMP):


Spectrum version 10.2.3 - Spectrum_10.2.3_BMP_303 

Spectrum version 10.3.0 - Spectrum_10.3.0_BMP_003

Spectrum version 10.3.1 - Spectrum_10.3.1_BMP_102


Please contact Spectrum support for copies of these patches/media.