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About product contract cancellation


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If cancel the contract, is there a problem by deleting only the installation library of a product ?


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Uninstall CA Panvalet when no longer want to use the product. As part of the uninstall process, must first disable CA Panvalet. 
After finish disabling CA Panvalet, can then remove it from your system.

* If only deleted the installation libraries, may receive a warning or an error that it can not be used because Panvalet is still setting to use. Since user libraries can only be accessed with Panvalet's utility, copying to a partitioned data set is required before deleting the installed library. (The Panvalet library has 10 digits for member names, but the partitioned data set has 8 digits. If 10 digits are used, consider renaming before making a copy.)

* It is possible to access Panvalet library with READ-ONLY by using Panvalet's PAM module in the user program. If they are linked statically, PAM modules will remain in the user program, so warnings and errors may occur.

* If the user CLIST etc. includes Panvalet TSO command, deleting the installed libraries may cause a warning or error.

* If Panvalet ISPF option is used, the installed libraries are set in the LOGON PROC, so deleting it may cause warnings and errors.

* If the Panvalet subsystem is used, it is assumed that settings for the subsystem remain in SYS1.PARMLIB(PANSYSxx, IEFSSNxx) and removing the installed libraries may cause warnings and errors.


For more information, see the "Disable CA Panvalet" and "Remove CA Panvalet" of Uninstall documents.