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Cost Plan grouping attribute sequence changes in Database when you make cost plan plan of record


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  • Cost Plan grouping attribute values change in the Database when you make that cost plan the plan of record.
  • The 4 attributes in the DB do not match those set in the cost plan.


1. Create an entity with 4 grouping attributes in following order:

  • Charge Code  (SEQ 0 in DB for default cost plan)
  • Department (SEQ 1 in DB)
  • Role (SEQ 2 in DB)
  • Transactions Class (SEQ 3 in DB)

Run the following query in the DB to verify the sequence IDs match as defined above: 

Select * from odf_multi_valued_lookups where object like '%defa%'

2. In a Classic PPM project, create a cost plan (by default it is set at plan of records, changing the sequencing to make it different then default set in entity):

  • Click on the Financial Plans tab for the project
  • Click New Manual Plan
  • Enter a name for the plan
  • Clear out all the group attributes and then add all of the defaults from Step 1 in a different order then above.


    • First browse to add Role click add
    • Click browse and select Department and click add
    • Then browse and select Charge Code and click add
    • Then browse and select Transaction Class and click add.
  • Click Save

3. Observe the sequences in the DB for the cost plan

  • Run the below query using the IDs from the financial plan created above to get the ID needed for the next query:

Select * from fin_plans where object_ID=5032473 and code= 'FIN538329'

  • Run the below query with the ID value taken from above query:

Select * from odf_multi_valued_lookups where pk_ID=7625007

  • Note the sequence IDs are in correct order based on sequences they were added

4. Create a second cost plan with the default order of grouping attributes (don't make any changes), save.

5. Important: Make it the Plan of record (Prior to making the cost plan the plan of record, the sequencing shows correctly in the DB) 

Select * from odf_multi_valued_lookups where pk_ID=7625008

Expected Results: Sequencing matches that of what is set in step 1 above

Actual Results: Sequencing doesn't match what is set in step 1.


Release : 15.5, 15.5.1, 15.6, 15.6.1, 15.7, 15.7.1



  • This is caused by: DE50104
  • This issue happens if you modify the LOOKUP_FIN_GROUPING_ATTRIBUTES_CAPTIONS (IE change Transaction_Class to cost center).
  • When a plan is created and then made POR, the grouping attributes are saved (Updated) in alphabetical order (Since, selection from LOOKUP_FIN_GROUPING_ATTRIBUTES is sorted by name by default).


This issue is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.8 and (15.7.1 patch 2)


  2. Change the values so that the default grouping attributes are alphabetically arranged.

Additional Information

See KB 141061 - How to search for known Clarity PPM Issues using Self Service