CA Telon 5.1 compatibility with COBOL v6.2
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CA Telon 5.1 compatibility with COBOL v6.2


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Telon Application Generator


Is maintenance required on CA Telon 5.1 in order to support COBOL V6R2? 

The compatibility matrix has been certified with COBOL v6.2.

However, for COBOL v5.1, a fix was required for the CA Telon.  Is this same fix required in order to be compatible with COBOL v6.2?


CA Telon Application Generator release 5.1

COBOL v6.2 


PTF RO71383 is required for all COBOL versions starting from v5.1 and later, including v6.2.

Please know that this does confirm that for COBOL v6.2, this PTF RO71383 is required.

Here is the link to the CA Telon Compatibility Matrix, including COBOL v6.2 for CA Telon:

Clicking on 'Info' for COBOL v6.2 provides this information:   

Please ensure product solution RO71383 is installed.