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sybase probe can monitor Sybase ASE server remotely ?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Is it possible to monitor Sybase ASE server remotely from sybase probe running on a separate machine ?


sybase probe




sybase probe can monitor Sybase ASE server locally or remotely.
Please refer to compatibility matrix which OS is supported as sybase probe running robot.

The required steps would be as follows.

1. Prepare a separate machine that sybase probe is supported.
2. Install the same version of Sybase Open client modules on sybase probe machine.
3. Configure the Open client to be able to resolve dbservername of Sybase ASE server remotely.

If configuration is done properly, command utilities would work remotely.

isql -U sa -P <password> -S <dbservername>

4. Install UIM robot on the machine, and deploy sybase probe

NOTE In case sybase probe is running on a linux box, you need add all the sybase variables as Robot environment variables.

Please refer to <Sybase Home>/SYBASE.env for sybase variables.