Getting error while promoting our package to the Prod state
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Getting error while promoting our package to the Prod state


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


The UDP script does not recognize the environment variable “TNS_ADMIN”. If we declare it as local variable, then the script works without any issues.

Any idea why it did not recognize the env variable?


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Component : CA Harvest Software Change Manager


Some things to check are:

  • Is this variable being set in the .bash_profile of the user that is executing the command?  When executing from a putty command prompt it is the user that is logged in at the time.  In the case of a post-link UDP, the userid that owns the “bkrd” process is the userid running the script.
  • In the .bash_profile where this TNS_ADMIN variable is being set, make sure to “export” the variable as well.  For example, export TNS_ADMIN=/my/folder/name”. Otherwise, it is not visible after the .bash_profile is completed.
  • If you are running this from a command prompt, did you login as the userid you intend to use, or did you “su” to that user.  If you are logging in as your userid and using “su” to switch to another one to run the command, make sure to add the dash, like this “su - cascm”.  Otherwise the .bash_profile does not get executed.
  • In the case of the post-link UDP you will need to exit and login again as the cascm user, then stop and restart the broker for the change to take effect.


As a test, just before executing the UDP script's command you can execute “echo $TNS_ADMIN” to see if it is set properly.