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Content Transfer - BSI


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CA Business Service Insight


Oblisync (aka content transfer) was working but I changed the website path, either by binding to a new port or by implementing SSL (HTTPS) and now I cannot get it to work.

This is a walkthrough of what to look for and get this running again. This doc also contains good debugging information for Content Transfer in general.


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Component : CA Business Service Insight


When changing the hostname or path of an existing Oblisync installation there are a couple of things you may need to look for that might no longer match.


Before I changed the path of my Oblisync installation I went into Content Transfer Environments and made sure that it was working.

Please note these common problems and cheatsheet if it is not:

a) If you get a URI error at any point then make sure the content transfer path is correct in advanced settings.

b) If you get a key or certificate error then run MMC and add the snapin for certificates for the computer (NOT the user).

     The Oblisync cert should be under personal certs and the password is oblisync. You can remove what is there and point to the PFX again.

     The certificate is under %OG_HOME%\Oblisync\certs and you should point to the PFX file and not the CER file.

c) If you get any error related to the SID then try generating a new one by running: %OG_HOME%\utilities\ObliSyncEnvDuplicateSetup

c) For any other errors you can try deleting all files except for the .ear file under %OG_HOME%\bin\java-deployments\oblisync and it should be redeployed.

You should also go to the Oblisync test path and make sure that this returns successfully.

The path should be like:  http://<machine name>:port/oblisync/api/ObliSyncRepository.svc

Now I go into IIS and I changed the port my site uses:

I then had to go into %OG_HOME%\Oblisync\Replicas.xml and change the path for my local (default) environment:

While it might not be needed I did redeploy the java EAR file as mentioned at the top of this document and then I could get in and see my correct environment as well as view it and "save" it.