Unable to delete APM Team Center custom attribute
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Unable to delete APM Team Center custom attribute


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


In the documentation for 10.7 has the following:


Delete Custom Attributes

Delete a custom attribute that you no longer need.

Follow these steps:

1,  In the left corner, click the side panel and and select Attributes.

       Existing Attribute Rules appear.

2.  Under the Custom Attribute Name column, select the attribute that you want to delete.

3.  In the Actions column, click Delete.

      The custom attribute is deleted.

Created a custom attribute and then went to delete it since it was not within our naming standards, followed the delete custom attribute and the value was deleted from the impacted nodes but the custom attribute name still exists, showing up in the attribute selection drop downs throughout Team Center.

How do I delete a custom attribute completely including the custom attribute name so it no longer appears in the attribute drop downs?


Release :APM 10.7


Database not cleaning up custom attributes.


1. Open APM Team Center

2. click on Map in left menu

3. Search for a common noun. 

4. Multi-select nodes in the map

5. Create a <new attribute name>

6. Add a value

7. Click off

You should be able to define a Map Filter with the new custom attribute

8. Using the filter that you created.

select the same nodes (don't forget to uncheck "Not Set" within the filter.

9. Multi-Select a number of the nodes  on the map (should have the custom attribute that you created associated to it

10. Click on the "X" on the custom attribute

11. Refresh and repeat step 9 and 10 untill all nodes have had the custom attributed removed.

12. The result should be the nodes returned but do not have a custom attribute that you created.

13. Delete the filter on the map

14. Create a new filter --the custom attribute to be listed, when, it should be gone.