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robot on monitored server showing A with accent sign instead of IP address


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a newly installed robot on a UNIX server. We have attempted installation of the robot via the UIM/UMP/Admin Console.

The IP address shows correctly in UMP however in the UIM Console and the Admin Console, it shows as an A with the accent above it, therefore we can't open the controller or any probe as the UIM can't recognize the server based on an invalid IP.


Release: UIM 8.5

Component : UIM - ROBOT


- possibly copy/paste error


As your UNIX administrator to do the following:

Stop the Robot:

niminit stop


ps -ef | grep nim (check to make sure there are no leftover processes).

- cd /<Nimsoft_installation_path>/robot

- Copy the robot.cfg and attach it to the case

- ***Delete the robot.sds file***

- ***Delete the contents of the niscache directory***

Activate the Robot:

niminit start

ps -ef | grep nim (check to make sure the 3 robot processes are up and running, controller, hdb and spooler)

After the above steps are completed, if it IS still an issue, ask your UNIX admin to take the robot.cfg and copy and paste it into Notepad++ or use vi editor but set the proper option to SHOW ALL CHARACTERS so you can see if there are any special characters in the IP address field or the cfg file in general.

If so, overwrite the bad/corrupt entry manually but do not copy/cut or paste any content.

Then recycle the robot.