14.0 Content Viewer - stackable reports won't open
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14.0 Content Viewer - stackable reports won't open


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A combined total report (comprised of several, large AFP reports) – text format can't be viewed.

It is split into multiple stacked reports via CA Deliver.

The report (ACIF) is everything except the report for VM which is split out into a VM-referenced report.

Those that have original type AFP and type PDF can be viewed no problem.
However those with original type ‘blank’ and type AFP cannot be opened from
Content Viewer or viewed using Adobe after download.
We get a prompt to save file, or "open with."

We can view these using an AFP viewer after download, but they don’t display correctly.


Release : 14.0



It looks like the reason the large reports were not being transformed was because there were more pages or lines than what was specified in the Tomcat STDENVX DD.   

Additional Information

 Only files that show the type as PDF (with the little info icon) and the original type as AFP will be transformed. Files that show as type AFP and original type as blank will not be transformed – these files are treated as any other binary file by MTC-CV. So the file that was saved is just a binary copy of what is in CA View – if the AFP references external resources those will not be included. Page and lines counts for reports that will not be transformed are higher than the ones that will be transformed. In the STDENVX DD, the X2YY_PAGELIM and X2YY_LINELIM parameters allow you to limit the size of the reports that will be transformed. Any reports larger than the values specified will not be transformed. Keep in mind if you up those values to do larger reports that will increase the usage in the transformer input/output/reports/queue directories.