PDF files attached to Forms are getting corrupted
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PDF files attached to Forms are getting corrupted


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Files are getting corrupted when being attached to Forms.

Steps to reproduce

Note: Reproduced it using a Workbench version 13, 64bit, on Win2016.

But the problem affect both  x86 and x64 clients.

  1.  Create a .pdf file with different lines and save it locally.
  2.  Go to a local form in Workbench 13.
  3.  Click on "attach" Form icon.
  4.  Click "add files"
  5.  Select the .pdf file previously created.
  6.  Answer "NO" to the question request to compress file
  7.  File gets attached to Form.
  8.  Now, while on same menu, select attached file and click "view".

Expected Results: The PDF file to display without problem.
Actual Results:  The PDF file does not open and errors out "error failed to load PDF document".

The file is properly displayed if answered "YES" to request to compress file.





This is caused by Defect DE414180

When attaching a file to a Form, the line endings get changed from Windows to Unix.

This occurs not only on plain text files, but also PDF files. This corrupts the PDF files, causing an  error when trying to open the PDF files. 


SE provided a fix for DE414180