Custom fields in cdm alarms are not being updated as they were previously.
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Custom fields in cdm alarms are not being updated as they were previously.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a several hundred servers that are not getting their custom fields populated.  custom fields are not populating on mainly the CDM probe.


Release : 8.51/9.0.2/9.10

Component : UIM NAS

cdm v6.30 or higher


- ci_defn_pack needed to be updated to support new QOS that was added as of cdm v6.30 or higher


Explanation of Root Cause:

Prior to cdm v6.30, cdm had two QOS objects for Disk:

QOS_DISK_USAGE  with met_type 1.1:2 
QOS_DISK_USAGE_PERC  with met_type 1.1:3  and alarm (1.1.:3 same as PERC).

As of cdm v6.30 or higher, there are four QOS objects for disk which are:

QOS                                METRIC TYPE

QOS_DISK_USAGE           1.1:2
QOS_DISK_FREE              1.1:98

and for alarms, cdm uses 1.1:99 as the met_type. 

Now in the probe package ci_defn_pack v1.47, we have entries for both QOS (1.1:2 and 1.1:3)  in the database table "CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC_DEFINITION" but there is no entry for the new QOS objects which were added in cdm v6.30 (or higher), metric types, 1.1:98 and 1.1.:99.

To resolve the issue of cdm custom fields not being populated via alarm enrichment,

a) ci_defn_pack needs to be updated to 1.54
b) The Robot should then be restarted for the table to be updated with the new metric types

Now in any version of cdm at 6.30 or higher, you will see that the custom fields are successfully populated, because in this particular alarm_enrichment example, there is an inner join happening in the query on CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC_DEFINITION and CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC with alarm met_id as an argument in the WHERE clause.


select ccim.ci_metric_id as id, case when is null then dev.dev_name + ':' + ci.ci_name else end as target, ccim.ci_metric_id,ccim.ci_metric_type,ccimd.met_description,ccid.ci_description 
inner join CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM ci (nolock) on ci.ci_id=ccim.ci_id
inner join CM_DEVICE dev (nolock) on ci.dev_id=dev.dev_id
inner join CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC_DEFINITION ccimd (nolock) on ccim.ci_metric_type = ccimd.met_type
inner join CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_DEFINITION ccid (nolock) on ccid.ci_type = ccimd.ci_type
left join S_QOS_DATA d (nolock) on ccim.ci_metric_id=d.ci_metric_id
where ccim.ci_metric_id = '?'

Additional Information

Notes on ci_defn_pack

Note that by default, even as of UIM 9.0.2 or v9.10, the ci_defn_pack is not installed.

- This definition pack can be used to get the latest UIM (CI) definitions without upgrading your UIM system to latest version.

- The UMP USM portlet depends on CI definitions to display the metric values published by probes.

- This is deployed on the Primary hub.

- The Primary hub ROBOT MUST be restarted after deploying the ci_defn_pack.