View - SARPAC run receives SARTPO56 message
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View - SARPAC run receives SARTPO56 message


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We are in the process of trying to copy View backup files from virtual tape media to physical tape media.  I had opened

an earlier case (#1372464) as to the logistics.  I believe that I have all the pieces in place but when I run the SARPAC

utility it abends on a U0056 indicating that it cannot access the tape drives.  BJSMIG is the esoteric name in the EDT for

the tape drives.  They are 3592-E06 tape drives connected to a 3592-C06 controller.



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


The SARTPO56 message occurs due to there being a SMS issue relating to UCB/esoteric and/or storclas dsn and/or volume creation. 

There may have been some recent changes, regarding esoterics, perhaps by the Storage group, which could have affected View. 

SARPAC would then be used to move reports to new media, whereas the new media is defined in the SARINIT STORGRPn parameters. 

Note: If there are any changes made to any SARINIT parameters, it is suggested to recycle the related SARSTC task. 

There are two ways that SARPAC can run:

 . Using "//SYSIN DD DUMMY", SARPAC will use the following SARINIT parameters in its processing:




 . . PMXTAPES controls how many tapes, that are candidates based on PTHRESH, are input to SARPAC.

 . Using "//SYSIN DD *", with a "TAPESEQ=nnnnn-nnnnn" control card, you provide a range of tape sequence numbers (....SARTAPE.T00nnnnn), for it to act on, totally disregarding the above SARINIT parameters.

 Note: At the next View backup, the tapes that were input to SARPAC will be expired.