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Client Automation - How to distribute a Software Policy created on Enterprise to a DOMAIN ?


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During creation of a Software Policy on Enterprise it is possible to distribute it automatically to DOMAINs.

But it is optional.

How to distribute the Software Policy to DOMAIN once it has been created on Enterprise ?


Release : All releases

Component : Client Automation


1- In Enterprise Console, right click on Software Distributions folder and select New - Container :

Give it a name.

2-   Under Policies/Software Based, right click on the Software Based Policy and select copy.

3- Right click on the container created in step 1 and select "Paste -Software Policy to Register..."

An order "Reg SW Policy" is added.

Remarks :

  • Repeat this if multiple Software Policies should be distributed.
  • Similar procedure could be used for deregistration of a Software Policy on DOMAIN.

4- Right click on the Container and select Copy

5- Under Control Panel/Domains/All Domains, right click on DOMAIN where the container should be deployed and select "Paste - Software Distribution Containers to Deliver Now" or "Paste - Software Distribution Containers to Deliver..."