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OMWV 11.5 - Using Cscripts.exe and Wscript.exe ?


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Output Management Web Viewer


An Auditor about the files Cscripts.exe and Wscript.exe.   

-What features use in the OMWV 11.5 product use these files?

-Would the removal of these files cause any problems with the product and processing of report viewing?

-If removing these files will cause any problems, can access be restricted to System Administrators?




Release : 11.5

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


Cscripts.exe and Wscript.exe are not Web Viewer programs, nor do you get them from Web Viewer. They are distributed when you install IIS Management tools. The Microsoft executables Cscripts.exe and Wscript.exe are not used by Web Viewer and removing them would not impact Web Viewer.