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ACF2 Sample JCL z/OS Connect EE, 'How to configure JWT authentication'


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Sample JCL for z/OS Connect EE 'How to configure JWT authentication'


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Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


ACF2 Sample JCL z/OS Connect EE, 'How to configure JWT authentication' is attached.

Please note the following.

Note: this sample job contains ACF2 UID based rules. For sites that want to use ROLE base rules the X(ROL) records should be created and the RECKEY commands should be updated replacing the UID parameters with the appropriate ROLE   parameters.                                                   

1. This job contains sample security definitions that   should be reviewed based on the documentation provided in "z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition V3.0/How to configure JWT authentication.                    

2. This job contains statements that may need to be modified for installation-dependent data, e.g. if non-default names were chosen.                             

3. The statements below are intended for use with   z/OS Security Server (ACF2).                                  

4. Resource class APPL resource classes default to TYPE(SAF):

     Resource class         3 char. type code  
     -------------------------         ---------------------------                               
             APPL                             SAF                                       

We recommend changing the default type code for the APPLresource class from SAF to APL. You may choose a different 3 character type code (especially if you are already using APL for other purposes).                                             

If you already have a CLASMAP for APPL to use a type code other than SAF, eliminate the INSERT and REFRESH, and specify your defined type code in the SET RESOURCE(typ) statement where "typ" is your defined type code. Be sure to change the  SET RESOURCE(typ) to your type codes.     


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