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"Failed to log off UNC logon handle" error in Service Desk Manager logs (STDLOG), but attachments work


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Service Desk Manager (SDM) logs (STDLOGs) have the following errors:

logon_user           3960 SIGNIFICANT  unc_logon.cpp           79 Required UNC logon user parameter is not set, cannot support UNC at this time

logon_user           3960 SIGNIFICANT  unc_logon.cpp          192 Close Handle failed with return code of 0' (The handle is invalid.)

rep_daemon           3960 ERROR        AttmntMng.c           2170 Failed to log off UNC logon handle. UNC library returned code: -1

Attachments are working fine, but every time an attachment is accessed errors like the above appear in the STDLOGs.

SDM Attachment Repository is configured to use a UNC share, but no UNC credentials have been specified.


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When specifying a UNC path, UNC credentials must be specified. Even if SDM is able to access the UNC path without any additional login, there is a built-in assumption within SDM that if a UNC path is used, that UNC credentials must be specified as well.


Specify UNC Credentials on the SDM Attachment Repository settings.

The errors can also just be ignored, since there is not a real issue.  If attachments are used frequently, may find that the errors are logged often in the STDLOGs, which could be overwhelming.