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After installing VNA 3.6 we find that the ACI console dashboard loads very slowly.


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


The ACI Console takes two minutes (or longer) to load after clicked on ACI Console under Dashboards -> ACI Reporting -> ACI Console.

The other ACI Reporting dashboards ACI Health and Switch Overview are displayed in under 30 seconds (or less). 

 The slowness hurts the troubleshooting workflow when drilling into the ACI devices takes the user out of the ACI Console and it takes two minutes to go back into it.


CAPC 3.6

VNA 3.6


During load, the ACI console has to load the entire tree in order to build relationships.

This can be expensive if the environment is very large.


Changed the way that the ACI console builds relationships

Fix is included in VNA 3.7.3