How do I add an additional app service such as app2 in Clarity PPM?
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How do I add an additional app service such as app2 in Clarity PPM?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


What are the steps to add another service to Clarity PPM? We are wanting to create an app2 service that will run our custom XOG processes.




To create a second app service, you can you the clone command (or option via NSA). 

Here are steps to do this from the command line:

1. Run the following command: service clone app

2. Go to NSA > [server instance] > Properties > Application and you should see the following services: app, nsa, app2

3. Configure the app2 with the desired settings. It will have different ports than the app but you can customize it as much as you would customize the app and choose different HTTP/HTTPS ports, for example (all can be configured from the app2 section).

4. Once the configuration is saved with all the desired settings, you can start the new app2 (e.g.: service start app2)

You can also clone the app from NSA if on a version higher then 15.4 (due to a defect fixed in 15.4.1. See KB: 97867 for more details on this defect.)

See below steps on how to do this from Docops: Multiple Application or Background Service Instances

CSA makes multiple instances easy by providing a Clone action. This action creates a copy of the desired app or bg service with incremented, available ports and service names to avoid collisions.

Note: After you clone a service, you can start, stop, and otherwise manage the new service instance as you would the original.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to CSA.
  2. Open Home, and click All Services.
  3. Select the check box for the service type you want to clone, and click Clone.
  4. If necessary, navigate to the server on which you created a service and modify the cloned settings.

Once the cloned app is created, it will have it's own set of logs (name will include app2 to distinguish between the original app that does not have an ID)

If Clone command is not working: 

Note: It's not supported to create a second app or bg service by copying and pasting the service details into the properties.xml file from another environment. If this is done, below are some steps to take to help resolve:

1. Take a backup of the properties.xml file

2. Run the destroy service command (Example destroy service app2) to make sure the service is cleared from the service side

3. Delete any references to the additional app that were pasted into the properties.xml file

4. Restart all services

5. Run the command service clone app