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DevTest Portal Error 404 - Unable to Find the test run but Portal monitor shows test running


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


Have a test suite that shows running in the portal.  Had an issue on Registry where it crashed. After all components were down, deleted the lisatmp_10.5.0 folder.  Started components again, logged into Portal and could see from Monitor Tests still that is shows the Suite is running. Is this expected?  Why does the Portal still show the test as running?


Release : All supported DevTest versions

Component : CA Application Test


This is expected behavior. 


The lads directory stores files on a temporary basis while a test case or suite is running. Devtest has data persistence like other applications. Things are stored in memory when there are sudden shutdown of components. So, the registry tries to continue the suite once the components are back up again.But Since, we have deleted the lads folder, it will not be able to continue with the tests and will keep showing the spinner. if we don't delete tmp and restart components we can see that the suite picks up from where it left.. This is the expected behavior as per the code.