CA View - High Percentage of Use of Index Files
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CA View - High Percentage of Use of Index Files


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The client started tracking View index usage percentages. 

They noticed where, in a short time, the usage percentage increased from 57% to 84%.  

Do they need to create more index extents to lower this percentage? 

What percentage range is safe to regularly use?


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Component : CA View


Generally, it is best to keep a View database's usage percentages (data and index) between 55% and 75%. 

This allows for there to be spikes in activity, with there not being the need to immediately add any space.

In a View database extent, if there is only 1 character used in a block (data or index), then the block is considered to be used. 

There could be 99% of the space in a block not being occupied, but the block will still be considered as used. 

With usage of View's JOB mode (setting of SARINIT JOBMODE=YES), the database's index percentage will initially spike, but the usage percentage will begin to stabilize once reports collected since the start of use of JOBMODE=YES start to expire, as the index records will be removed accordingly.